When people ask me to talk about myself I often find it difficult to do so and as a result I refuse to do so entirely. This creates a question of “why?” Why is talking about myself so difficult? Well here’s the reason….my way of thinking and overall mentality tends to baffle many people and majority cannot fathom or even begin to understand my angle of expression. Call me weird I’ll take it as a compliment but think about it this way, who you were as a kid isn’t who you are now and it takes one significant event to alter your personality. That one significant event could make you care more or less about life and people, or it might even make you an entirely different person. So if your whole life has been planned out by “God” as many people believe, how do you know that who you are now is actually who you really are if you haven’t lived your life to the very end yet? Hold that thought…
Now moving on to how I see life:- Life is everything, anything and nothing. I’ll explain….nothing in life has a meaning except for the meaning you give to it so therefore its possible for life to mean everything or nothing to you depending on the value you place on it. To you life may be precious but to others who can easily throw away their lives or waste that of others life means nothing. However, just because you know what life means to you that doesn’t mean you understand life.
If I were to talk about how I see life entirely I’d be here all day and would probably end up writing a book so I’ll write a few bullet points of various aspects of life that people tend to misunderstand.
KARMA- If you believe in Karma then good for you. However, do you really understand how karma works in life? I’ll explain. Karma is not in black and white like “what goes around comes back around” No! In life, some people are specially and subconsciously designated by nature to return other people’s karma and once they return the karma their job is done and whatever they did doesn’t come back to them unless they CONSCIOUSLY continue to offend the same person. So if you’re wondering why bad things happen to good people and bad people continue to prosper don’t wonder anymore because, just because the person is good now you don’t know what they did in the past or previous life. What happens to you in this life may be a ripple effect of your past life before you reincarnated.
FREEDOM:- Freedom does not exist. We live in a world of 7.349 billion people and only 1% of that population can truly boast of freedom (if any). Freedom is not just about moving out of your parent’s house and paying your own bills no. Freedom is being able to do what you want and when you want it without taking permission from anyone. You can’t claim to be free if you have to ask your boss or call in sick to get a day off, or worry about things. absolute freedom is being financially, mentally and emotionally free. A life of adventure and happiness without the consent of others is freedom.
RELIGION:- I put this last because its a very sensitive topic so if you read this far then good for you but I won’t go too deep into it. Religion especially Christianity happens to be the downfall of the black community. Am not gonna talk about slavery much but if you do your research and know your history you’ll find that slavery came through Christianity even some chapters of the bible actually promotes slavery and sets out a set of rules that a master must follow in regards to treating his slaves/servants. Read Exodus 21 properly and tell me what God you’re serving that doesn’t condemn such a barbaric act and why would some people be created to serve others when the bible tells us that all man are created equal in the eyes of God?. Your pastor wouldn’t tell you this cos he needs your money every Sunday. The same money that gets paid into white owned banks to support white owned businesses and technologies and you wonder why we are not getting anywhere. The white man has his heaven on earth, the Asian man has his heaven on earth and so does every other race but the black man has been brainwashed into giving up his belongings for some imaginary place called heaven.
Its been scientifically proven that the oldest corps and artifacts ever discovered were of a black person and that at the time most of the world population were black but yet black people feel more comfortable praying to a white man with long hair and blue eyes called Jesus even though there’s no evidence of Jesus ever looking European. The spell is so strong that if you put a picture of black Jesus in a church (mind you based on his geogtaphical origin jesus mustve been dark skinned) even black people will stop coming because they have lost that sense of self worth. They look at the white people as their superior forgetting that as black people we were Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queen’s before anything else so why do we act like slavery is our only history?. If God really wanted to send his son do you think he would look like the majority (us) or white people who were the minority (and still are)?.
Now I know you’re wondering do I believe in God? Of course I do! I didn’t put myself here on earth but I don’t believe in how God is portrayed and how people are constantly deceived and conned into paying for salvation.
Women are very powerful and loving creatures and the presence of a woman creates balance. A Man/Woman, Prince/Princess, Up/Down, Front/Back, Good/Evil yes everything in this world comes in twos so if you believe in God then where is his Goddess?
This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are so much more I could address such as love, happiness, money, media, education, diseases, death, afterlife and so on but you gonna have to wait for me to write a book.

Greatest Sewing Bee

Once upon a time, when i was still a child, my mum used to dress I and my sister in same outfit but different colors, most times, mine is blue and hers yellow.

“This is a childhood period,i will never forget”

Days back i had the idea of combining the two colors in one style. 

   So i Grabbed my car key and straight ahead to the market to purchase african fabric, and to my greatest surprise, i came out with this:



Actually went down to pick up something from the floor on the second picture, then the real beauty of the style came out.


love isn’t blind.


how to have a real food thanksgiving

images (1)

Be totally focused in the experience of chewing FOOD, keep your mind present and experience the sensation of eating food and do not allow your mind to drift to other things.

       Instead be present in your body and enjoy all the sensations of chewing the FOOD in your mouth and swallowing it.

The essence of being present as you eat is that the flavor of the food is so intense and magnificent, the food assimilates into the body perfectly and the result is perfection but when you let your mind drift from the food, the flavor virtually disappears and you get underweight or overweight.


The thief

Trying to fool others thinking you are wiser, instead you rob yourself of the assets you possess, you need to start knowing and accepting your potentials and utilizing.

You are an asset to your community , world, nation and a credit to your profession’.

The road to success is a healthy self-image (good inputs produces best outputs). Do not deny others the means of living hood, happiness and success by holding on to yours instead share your potential by so doing you can earn more and strike a balance for others.



Playing small doesn’t serve the world but having a shining light that can flow into others (making a difference), having that in my mind boost my confidence strategy and understand my purpose.

              ‘  Liberating from my fear automatically liberates others’.




You are the only one who can use your ability. It is an awesome responsibility.

The ‘More’ way of life.

Merely speaking for those who have been missing much of the good life; plenty series of hope, success, happiness, faith and enthusiasm seeds (positive, mental, attitude) and (physical life attitude).It handles man as a whole (physical, mental, spiritual) and helps reveal an in depth look more than casual glance of what you may perceive yourself to be.1st step development of a healthy self-image, 2nd recognize the worth and ability of others, 3rd goal orientation, 4th and 5th right mental attitude, 6th burning desire to excel. It takes all of your person to be successful.